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"May I Come In?" is my first CD project. I have been performing for over ten years now, and I've been doing pretty good as far as gigs go in Austin. However, I knew I had to record a CD if I were to pursue my goal of becoming a nationally known vocalist. I knew I would record the title cut "May I Come In?" because the tune is so cool and the title was perfect for an introductory CD. I also knew I had to write a tune or two myself so that I could gain a little more respect from the "industry" folks. It was my first attempt at writing, and I had no methods or models in mind.

My play sister Cheryl Price gave me the idea for "Catch Yourself." I heard her tell her two year old daughter Desi "all right...catch yourself" when Desi was about to cut up. I laughed about it for a long time, because it was such a grown up message to give to a two year old--but it worked!

For the rest of the CD, I called James Polk and Rich Harney to see if they had any tunes. Rich is a wonderful writer, and I have always loved his work. James has done so much over the years that I just knew he had a stash of songs somewhere. I liked "Ever Blue" the first time I heard it. It was sung by an older gentlemen with one of those effortless kind of voices. "Ever Blue" is my favorite song on the CD after "May I Come In?" I can't take credit for the final product. Larry Seyer, the Engineer, took plenty of discretion, and I loved everything he did.

I had a good time working with James Polk, Thomas Hughes, and Larry Seyer. Austin has great studios and fine engineers. We all make a hell of a team. I can't wait to get started with the next project. I just hope you enjoy the recording as much as I enjoyed making it. Read the Austin Chronicle's review of my debut CD.

I'll be happy to send you an autographed copy--
just fill out the form. You'll get your CD a few days later. Or you can pick up a copy locally at ABCDs, Antone's Records, Barnes and Noble, Blockbuster Music, Border Books, Mitchie's Fine Black Art, Music Mania, Tower Records, or Waterloo Records. Catch me live at one of my performances around town, and I'll sign it for you in person!




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